Sunday, April 21, 2013

I Am Returning Glori-Anne Gilbert's Breasts

Smuggling basketballs or soccer balls? It hardly matters: these breasts are too big! Image source: some place that grabs images and provides no attribution. Not even a tumblr.

Well here's Glori-Anne Gilbert rocking a furkini and doing a great job of it. Except ... her breasts are too large. I am a fan of large breasts, and Glori-Anne's breasts USED to be just the right size for me. In fact, I liked them so much that I stole them, years ago.

Glori-Anne's breasts in the old days, when they were merely "large." Image source: vidcaps of "Lust Connection," a Skinimax style video from back in the day.

But though I like large breasts, once they get past a certain point, they stop looking just "large" and start to look "deformed." "Mmmmmm!" turns into "Eeeeeew!" Thus it is with Glori-Anne, and that's why I am returning them. I imagine others may find them still attractive at that size, it's a matter of personal tastes and I KINDA say there's nothing rational about it hence no judgment here, but ... really. You just know the skin of her breasts is stretched tight as hell over those things, and they don't move in any kind of natural way or look at all natural. A shame, her face is still as pretty and wholesome-looking as ever.


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