Saturday, April 6, 2013

Roy Rogers, Rough Rider?

Thinking: “Uh-oh, he's got that 'I'm a-gonna hogtie me a little heifer' look again ...”

Take it with many, many grains of salt, but there are allegations that Trigger and Dale Evans are not the only movie stars that Roy Rogers mounted and stuffed. According to an article in the National Enquirer (salt intake required), a fellow named Darwin Porter has written a new tell-all book about former porn star Linda Lovelace (more salt!) in which he claims that she claims that she hooked up with Roy Rogers -- and that Roy was a rough rider who liked to spank the fillies as he rode them.

"I feel sorry for Trigger," Lovelace is said to have told Rogers after her bottom-warming. Lovelace's encounter with Rogers came as part of a three-way tryst with another hooker (Lovelace was hooking for her brutal pimp husband Chuck Traynor at the time) during one of Roy's frequent visits to Los Vegas to get some of that rough riding action he didn't get at home with Dale Evans.

But that's not where Lovelace's revelations end. She also claimed that Rogers told her that he had given Marilyn Monroe the rough rider treatment too, spotting her during a parade and inviting her to his home for a barbecue, where Rogers and Monroe managed to slip away for some sexy time (poor Dale Evans).

It would be foolish to take any of these claims at face value, of course. I do not think that everything Linda Lovelace ever said was a lie, for instance, almost no one disagrees that her first husband Chuck Traynor was a brutal scumbag who beat her and pimped her. (Traynor claims it was all consensual "sex games" and that's why many folks are skeptical of BDSM, because every last filthy scumbag on Earth will instinctively use that excuse when accused of beating up his wife/lover/etc.). But much of what Lovelace has said has been discredited, she does seem to have been one of those women for whom the truth is a very malleable thing indeed, and there is plenty of evidence that she lied like a rug to please women like Catherine MacKinnon during her period as an anti-porn activist after she left porn.

So, lots of salt, yes, lots of salt, though I don't think it will keep her story from circulating, true or not, because liar or not, Lovelace DID have a talent for inventing lies that people would find entertaining, which is all that counts in the tabloid media.

Is this an accurate depiction of the conditions which Linda Lovelace was forced to endure while on the set of "Deep Throat" but not on camera? Probably not! But hey, it's an entertaining narrative and worth re-framing! Image source: Device

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