Saturday, April 13, 2013

Psylocke And That Pony Girl Look

Pony girls? Maybe ... Image sources: Left, Alexander Horn's photo site. Right, the Bad Sugar site.

The woman on the left is of course wearing full ponygirl headgear, complete with a bitgag. The woman on the right my flying monkeys found on a fashion blog called "Bad Sugar" in an article on what Carla Zampatti (whoever she is, fashion designer I assume) is doing for Fashion Week in Australia. Zampatti, it seems, is calling for structured ponytail with bondage tape as the look for Fashion Week.

The bondage tape, the article explains, is used because it doesn't stick to the skin, that, after all, is why bondage people use it. (It's actually medical tape, OK, it was designed for serious medical uses before bondage fans picked up on it and turned it into fun tape. But bondage tape sounds a lot sexier than medical tape.)

But the interesting thing I found was that while the article's author, Alison Larsen, was hip to the bondage tape, she missed the really obvious direction the fashion style was headed in, which was pony girl headgear. The instant I saw that image, I thought "ponygirl!" It's SO OBVIOUS if you've ever seen a pony girl done up in one of those hood and ponytail getups they wear. But the author missed it, or perhaps just didn't care to point it out.

And I picked the photo at top left out, not just because it's a very nice example of a ponygirl hood in use, but because the picture is so fricking beautiful, partly because the model, Psylocke, is beautiful, but there's a lot more. Check out the expression on the Psylocke's face, she KNOWS she looks gorgeous, she radiates confidence. Look at that gleam in her eye, she wears that hood and gag harness set like it was a goddamn crown. The photographer, Alexander Horn, absolutely nailed it with that photo, and he's got a whole series of photographs of her in her full regalia on his site. (Go there, I'll wait!) I'm not even all that into ponygirls, but jeebus, that photo rocks!

Here's a tasty shot of a full ponygirl hood with the ponytail more clearly visible. Also, another bitgag. Image source: kinkyponygirl's wordpress blog.

By the way, had a tough time finding the attribution for Horn's photo of Psylocke, but I'm really glad I did. I initially found the image on a tumblr site, no attribution of course. A Google reverse image search turned up half a dozen pinterest sites that had the photo, none of THEM had attribution as well. But ONE of them had a second image from Horn's shoot of Psylocke, and THAT image had a watermark on it, from which I was able to trace Horn's site easily via a normal image search. So lesson for photographers, always watermark your stuff, lesson for bloggers, provide attribution, it ADDS VALUE to your site, and also there's not a damn thing wrong with giving credit where credit is due.


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