Monday, April 15, 2013

Katy Perry Nude and Gagged ... Or Cloned?

On the left, we have Katy Perry naked, well ... nude, she's got a hand coyly covering her breast's pink and pointy part. On the right, we have Katy Perry wearing a bit gag with head harness and with her breast hanging right out there, nipple and all. Good for her! Image source: The Interwebs.

An easy Google search will show that Katy Perry has done a lot more than kissing a girl and liking it of late. She likes to do a lot of things. And apparently, one of them is put on a bit gag head harness and the other is letting one her nipples hang out as she is topless from the waist up and ... hold on ... this just in.

The photo on the right is NOT Katy Perry being all naked and gagged. Turns out, it's a model named Porcelain in a shoot for photographer Corwin Prescott. It's part of a diptych, called "Hunter and Prey" and it's pretty obvious Porcelain is the prey as the naked model in the other photo on the diptych is carrying a gun. (I mean, it COULD be the other way around, but what are the odds?)

DO visit the site, Prescott is a talented photographer who does great bondage art and all kinds of shoots, and Porcelain is fricking gorgeous and WAAAAAAAY less inhibited than Katy Perry. Not that Katy Perry is all that inhibited. The Katy Perry look IS atypical for Porcelain, a shame since she is a dead ringer for Katy Perry in the right makeup and hair (and contact lenses).

Porcelain very likely WAS cloned from Perry at some point in a feat of topnotch Celebrity Cloneage, because that's the only explanation that makes sense in the post-Kyle McLaughlin's dad sells the Spice Girls' moms universe.

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