Monday, April 1, 2013

Cinemax To Create Animated Gor Series Using Actual Second Life Locations!

Cinemax sets sail for adventure with a new original series set on the planet Gor.

Cinemax, creators of original series such as "Banshee" and "Hunted" and such original adult series as "Life on Top" and "Femme Fatales," has announced that it is starting production on a new animated adult series based on John Norman's Gor novels, set in the virtual world of Second Life Gor.

Insiders at Cinemax say the cable network has been eyeing the successes of HBO's series "Game of Thrones" and most especially Starzs' very successful "Spartacus" with a desire to create their own breakthrough series. This has led to the creation of several bland, low-budget action adventure series, such as "Banshee" and "Hunted."

"We realized that we had been going at it all wrong when we looked at Games of Thrones and Spartacus," said the insider. "Spartacus has its sexy slavegirls and Game of Thrones has its sexy whores, who are pretty much slaves. Clearly they've been getting in on the taste for sexy female submission just like Fifty Shades of Grey did in the book world. We've been going in the stupid direction there with our original adult series "Femme Fatales" which was basically hot dominatrixes having sex. It's earned us a devoted following, but a very SMALL, I mean, a really TINY devoted following relative to Game of Thrones, Spartacus, and especially Fifty Shades of Grey."

"So we looked around and discovered that John Norman's Gor was once a very hot property in the old maledom/femsub area, but it got optioned by idiots back in the 80s and nothing useful got done with it," said the source. "And we realized that Spartacus with tons of hottie slavegirls was just the thing, but you know, most of our series are done on very limited budget. We're talking cheap here. And while filming naked women in chains having sex is cheap enough, all the sword fighting and giant bird flying and such were going to cost, and cost big, by our standards. We're not HBO or Starz!"

The solution, said inside sources, was provided by the research that was done on the Gor novels. The Cinemax production team discovered that there was a huge fandom for the Gor novels in the virtual community called Second Life, and they had created over 300 different virtual sites, called sims, that were based on the Gor novels.

"When we saw this, we realized that most of the production work we would need had already been done, in an animated venue, and that's when we said, "Why not make it an adult animated series?" explained the insider, who might or might not be the executive producer for the series. "We already knew we could get the rights to the Captive of Gor title and concept from John Norman for peanuts, and we knew we could pay off the owners of these sims for peanuts and get all kinds of extras for the scenes besides, and all we'd really need is some voice actors and some post-production work to make up for stuff like the doll hands." (Second Life avatar hands are noted for being immobile.) "Piece of cake! I mean, one of the iconic cartoon characters of all time is a pig that wears a shirt and no pants and has no genitals! People are very forgiving about animation -- and OUR animations are VERY lifelike and DO have genitals, and they'll be using them. They'll be in bondage, and they'll be in sexual bondage. We can't miss with this one!"

"People will be VERY surprised at how good this will be," said the sou ... it's the executive producer, OK? The fucking executive producer! He won't let me use his NAME but who the HELL else would know all this stuff? "There'll be bowfighting, very big right now, swordfighting, and naked slavegirls submitting to mighty masters right and left. And don't you worry ... the slavegirls in this series will NOT be damsels in distress, waiting for some heroic man to free them. ALL the Goreans want to enslave them, there are no heroes! The slave girls will have to learn to deal with their slave girl problems on their own, whether that involves escaping to another land and becoming panther girls, becoming free women through some act of bravery or whatever, or dealing with their own submissive desires ... something you never see in damsel in distress plotlines. Captive of Gor will surprise you!"

Casting for the voice talent is already underway, scripts are being written, and the post-production team has been assembled. The series should be on the air in Spring 2014.


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