Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hard-Edged Satire From the Onion, Sexy Bondage Video on Vimeo, Steel Restraints on Youtube

The Onion does some flip and fun humor, one of the few humor sources anywhere that can make me actually laugh out loud. This video did not make me laugh out loud, but I liked it MUCH better than Onion videos that made me laugh out loud, because it has a nasty, concealed undercurrent of anger about a social issue under its light, frothy exterior. It's like a Thomas Kinkaid landscape on the surface, with a pit of boiling acid underneath. That's what gives the humor its edge, the tension between the mundane story of a social media rockstar on the surface, and what's being said about how well people are compensated for their work underneath. I'm sure what fuels the pit of boiling acid is that the Onion writers feel the burn personally.

And to keep things bondage-y, here's a link to a nice Vimeo video full of sexy bondage images with a jazzy tune to carry it along, and look below for a Youtube video from Rapture Products that appears to be a straight up commercial for steel bondage restraints, which seems to be getting away with a lot in the area of "being too sexy for Youtube," though granted, there's no nudity.

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