Friday, January 6, 2012

Fashion Four-paws!

Famed designer Galliano just knows that pony girls will be the next big thing in fashion, despite all the neigh-sayers. Image source: If style could

The Icanhazcheeseburger family of sites once again provides improbable fodder for politicallysexy, with its image of a fashion model dressed in what is clearly a pony girl inspired sort of ensemble (French for "outfit"). There is definitely something about that outfit that says "ride me like the sex beast that I am."

It's a shame what they did to the model's face in the makeup department, but as I noted in my Celebrity Bondage piece on Christina Aguilera, something about bondage-related imagery makes makeup artists break out the clown makeup -- no exception here. In any event, this will be another fine addition to the storied history of pony girls, which I have written about so briefly and inaccurately, but majorly funly.

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