Monday, January 23, 2012

Introducing Abercizer Plus!

A thinner waist in 30 days or double your money kept! Image source: Fucking Dungeon.

NEW! From GORCO! It's the Abercizer Plus! Let's face it, gentlemen ... the REAL reason we don't work out our abs is that the exercises are BORING! There, we said it: BORING!

But now, with the help of Gorco's brilliant new invention, the Abercizer Plus, doing abs will be EXCITING and FUN. Just put the Abercizer Plus on your slavegirl and then do abs right on top of her! The sight of her squirming and moaning beneath you (don't forget to put the ballgag on her!) will encourage you to do abs with an enthusiasm you've never experienced before!

Never before has any exercise system directly addressed the issue of MOTIVATION! The Abercizer Plus ENCOURAGES you to use it by making every exercise experience an ORGASMIC experience. (For extra fun, FORBID your slave to orgasm and see how long SHE can last!)

It's not sold in stores, it's not sold on television, only in the remotest corners of the Internet, such as this one!

Offer void where prohibited by law. Slavegirls sold separately. If erection lasts longer than four hours, TELL EVERYBODY YOU KNOW ABOUT IT!

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