Friday, January 13, 2012

Ancient Brothel Coins Were Explicit

"I'll have one of these!" Image source: Perfect

A recent find of an ancient Roman coin in the Thames River that was essentially a ticket for entertainment in a brothel has brought to light some of the sex trade practices of the Roman Empire and also inspired some prose in the Mail Online, the online version of The Daily Mail of London, that comes very close to being heavy-breathing bodice-ripper fantasy. You can see a pic of the coin and read the article here.

Here's a bit of the heavy breathing prose:
The girl lay on a stone bed in the tiny cubicle, awaiting her next customer with weary resignation.
In Londinium, there was no shortage of men wanting a few moments of sexual pleasure: merchants, officials, freed slaves from around the Roman Empire and, of course, soldiers.
Sure enough, the flimsy curtain was drawn back and a Roman legionary entered the room. He handed over a small bronze token.
The girl looked at it. The image on the front depicted the act he required — it showed a woman face down on a couch and a man on top of her.
On the reverse, the number 14 referred to the price he had paid: 14 asses, the equivalent of a day’s pay for a labourer in the first century AD — not that the girl would see any of that money.
For the girl would have been a slave, possibly a native Briton captured in the rebellious north of the country — enslaving women was one Roman way of subjugating and humiliating these savage tribes.
Some ended up in Rome, where their fair skin and blonde hair could fetch a high price.

I think I could fairly easily flesh that out into a pretty good slavegirl bondage fantasy, and without a hell of a lot of work. I believe the writer either got "inspired" by the subject matter or she is trying to "inspire" the readers. Works for me!

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