Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wild Raid Of The Lace Panty Commandos!

They stabbed Nazis just because they could! This is the sort of thing that happens when you let Betty Lou go out!

Cap Bronson leaned back in the chair, confronting the unusual audience that sat before him, a bevy of Navy nurses, their proud American womanhood straining the fabrics of their tightly stitched American uniforms.

"So that's the story, girls," he said. "We need you to raid that Nazi destroyer and take it over for us. We've looked at it from every angle, and your participation is absolutely vital."

"But Captain ... the white lace panties as our only garments ... are you sure ...?" asked Nurse Bettie Lou Stiglitz. "It seems so ... wild and wanton!" she said, her large brown eyes flashing with what was perhaps hidden desire, or perhaps indignation, it was really hard to tell with the luscious beauty of the farm-raised American beauties all around her to distract Cap Bronson.

"These are hardened Nazi murder fiends," said Bronson, "accustomed to seeing buxom French peasant girls sauntering by flashing their luscious lips and legs at them. They will not easily be distracted. It will HAVE to be the white lace panties. That ... or nothing!"

And audible gasp swept the room at these words, as the import of Cap Bronson's words sank in.

"Look, girls, I know it is a lot to ask," said Cap Bronson, flashing the disarming grin of a man who had killed a thousand Nazis in a single afternoon and enjoyed a bottle of Chianti with half a dozen willing Italian beauties later that evening. "But I want to remind you that every day young boys go out there and give their all for America. I know it's a lot to ask but I ask, not in my name, but in the name of the fallen and the wounded whom you have so often nursed back to health."

"Of COURSE we will do it!" declared Bettie Lou, her brown eyes flashing, her proud Ameerican bosom heaving. "For the boys!"

"Fine, I knew you had it in you," said Cap Bronson. "Now get dressed out in those panties and let's hit the practice field. I want at least a dozen dress rehearsals before we send you out ... there will be no mistakes!"

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