Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christina's World: New, Improved, Urbanized and Sexualized!

On the top, we have the original "Christina's World," a famous painting by Andrew Wyeth. On the bottom, we have the new, urban, updated "Christina's World" with twice the attitude and a million times the sexitude, a photo from Public Disgrace.

In both images, we have women who are hampered in their ability to move, one in a landscape of rural squalor, the other in a landscape of urban blight. One has clothes on, the other is naked. One is tied up, the other is not tied up.

But other than that, they are exactly the same! And strangely, have a similar mood, though I guess there is an element of hidden danger in the urban scene that is missing in the rural scene, which could really have used a thresher approaching in the distance. I should probably write the Wyeth curators a note.

In other news, Happy New Year everyone!


Anonymous said...

what name of public disgrace ? who model & link pls for preview on PD

Pat Powers said...

I think it's Harmony Rose, there's a link right under the photo you can use to get to the site. I'm not absolutely sure I got the right shoot, I use photos I get from as a sponsor which don't exactly what's in the updates. I'm sure the folks at Public Disgrace will try to help you if you ask. Here's a link to a preview of the Harmony Rose shoot: