Friday, January 6, 2012

Slavegirls Slink Into Oblivion, Skyrim, DragonAge Origins

"My erotic stats are to the max!"

Game designers have been quick to pump up the violence in their games, but sort of slow to pump up the sex. Easy to figure out why: the censors get pumped when the sex gets pumped. Can't have young men thinking about teh sexy!

Unfortunately for the Forces of Darkness, aka censors, games are becoming more modifiable, i.e., players can alter the game and its characters to more closely suit their interests. Good for the game, good for the gamers, bad for the censors. Because of course that mean slavegirls are slinking into video games other than Second Life, which isn't really a game anyway.

You can see evidence of it on Youtube, where a gamer named kajiragames has uploaded a number of his or her adventures playing characters who are modded to be naked slave girls. He or she's got a slavegirl character playing Oblivion, as well a a naked female viking playing DragonAge: Origins, and a naked female character playing Skyrim. I doubt there's much encouragement or guidance in ANY of these games as to how to construct naked female characters to play these games, just generic information on how to mod the game, but as we all know, real people tend to be a lot more creative and interesting than any corporation would ever allow.

You can check out an Oblivion run through here, there'll also be links to other kajiragames run throughs. The easiest way to see all the various game runs is to subscribe to kajiragames' channel. Maybe he or she will post some information about how the modding is done.

Now, granted, all of the videos I've seen so far has had the chracter engaging in solitary quests and dealing with NPCs (non playe characters) but frankly, it's just a matter of time til this capabiity reaches MMOs and of course, as soon as that happens the MMOs will be flooded with naked slavegirls turning all these formerly wholesome games inot the same kind of sexual monkeyshines that makes Second Life such a riot to play.

Of course, you may be wondering, why isn't everyone playing Second Life then? The answer is obvious ... Second Life demands a certain amount of creativity on the part of its players to get the max out of it. Most other games provide pre-planned characters, roles and stories, but in the case of, say, Second Life Gor all the characters, roles, stories, clothes, locales and so forth are created by the players using the tools Second Life offers. Not everyone has that kind of creativity. But as soon as it gets easy to buy/copy/borrow/whatever slavegirl character mods for all these moddable gains, I anticipate hordes of slavegirls flooding the games in zombielike waves, crying "Buy me, Master! Buy me, Maaaasterrrrrrrr..."

"Buy me, Mistress! I'm much cheaper than the dog and it won't be NEARLY so distressing if your husband fucks me ... I mean, compared to the dog ... oh, forget it, I'm TERRIBLE at marketing!" Image source: Naked Valkyrie in kajiragamer's Skyrim run-through.


kajiragames said...

The nude mods were easy to find, e.g. on and I got the Dragon Age mod so long ago, I can't remember where. The D.A. Origins playthrough is different because armor is essential for a fighter, and fighters get all the best animations (naked girl picked up and thrown around by ogre or dragon, naked girl riding dragon's neck and spearing its head, etc.) So to do a nude run I had to use a cheat to make her unkillable. So who doesn't like naked Supergirls?

Pat Powers said...

Glad to know the nudes were so easy to find. I guess Skyrim isn't averse to letting customers do nude mods of their characters. Makes sense, no NPC character is gonna go on a letter-writing campaign because they are dealing with nude mods. We'll see how it goes with MMOs like Star Wars: The Old Republic.

kajiragames said...

In MMO's like WoW, the graphics reside on each user's computer. So even if you can substitute nude models for your own (or even every female) character on your PC, nobody else will see it that way. Second Life is different, being based on user-created content.
BTW, what do you think of my next project idea: Anne (Rice) Roquelaure's 'Sleeping Beauty' does Dragon Age Awakenings?

Pat Powers said...

Not a fan of Sleeping Beauty. Too SM-y for me. But if she's wearing just a sex harness, a ponytail butt plug and a ball gag, that would be OK!