Sunday, January 15, 2012

Damsel In Distress Fest

“I wonder if my new owner likes cats? I've always wanted to be a crazy cat lady!”

What you see above is a vidcap for a movie called “Endure” which is, according to the listing on Brian's Page, a real damsel in distress-fest. Basically, a serial killer kidnaps a young woman, takes photos of her bound and gagged, and then leaves her tied to a tree in a Florida swamp, intending to come back later I guess. But he gets in an auto accident, and dies, on the way back home, leaving his captive tied to the tree. Detectives find his captive's photos in the car when they investigate the wreck, figure out that she's missing and the race is on to find her before she dies of thirst or gets sucked dry by mosquitoes. (I don't know if there's a threat of being eaten by alligators, but if there's NOT, somebody has missed a dramatic opportunity!)

What I particularly like about the image is the “Sold” sign next to the bound and gagged damsel. It very strongly conveys “Internet sex slave auction fantasy.”

Which gave me an idea for a new article. I was thinking of posting scenes from various types of films and making the readers guess their origin: mainstream movie, mainstream TV show, softcore porn, hardcore porn, freaking Internet bondage porn with personal butt cannons and melon squishers, Youtube videos, or what-have-you.

If you have any ideas for vidcaps you'd like to see in the game, just post in the comments section here or send an email to Whatever works! Don't need to have an actual vidcap, just the name of the movie/TV show/whatever and a brief description of the scene: “blond hogtied on four near the end of the film” would do.

Could be a lot of fun!

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