Sunday, January 6, 2013

What's Better Than ... ?

Bellydancers by 14girlwatcher

What's better than bellydancing? NAKED bellydancing! Here we have a whole bevy of cuties bellydancing via Dailymotion. Enjoy!

What's better than a blowjob? A PUBLIC bound blowjob! Who can forget that great scene in The Story of O where a bound O must kneel before her Master Sir Stephen and suck him off while Sir Stephen embraced two of the cuties at the Chateau and Sir Stephen's buddies watched, all of them looking down on her and commenting as she sucked. Not just submission, but a very public submission. This image, from Public Disgrace, captures the feel of the scene very well, with the submissive gazing up worshipfully at the dominant while she sucks, tied and helpless.


Anonymous said...

(Just watched video. I am speechless. Just wanted you to know that.)

Pat Powers said...

I'm asssuming you're talking about the bellydancing video. Couldn't even manage a "hubba-hubba!"? :D