Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lost Girls Does Women in Prison Episode

Those are some BIG honkin' handcuffs. Guess the Fae might need something a little studier than usual. Some of them are werewolves. Image source: vidcap from Lost Girl.

I had the Season Three opener for SyFy Channel's Lost Girl episode and discovered to my pleasure that it was a full-bore Women in Prison episode. Something crooked is going on in the Fae prison, and Bo's lady love is now the prison doctor there, so Bo goes undercover to find out who's doing the crooked stuff.

I know the episode was consciously written as a Women in Prison story because it has almost every theme found in Women in Prison stories, some of them VERY well done, for non-premium cable TV.

For starters, it has a bondage scene, with Bo being hauled to prison in the biggest set of cuffs evah! A brief scene, but at least she is cuffed hands behind. Sadly, there is no body cavity search scene. Well can't have everything, and a LOT of Women in Prison movies lack even a bondage scene.

There is an EXCELLENT nude shower scene, however! Image source: vidcap from Lost Girl.

The nude shower scene is PARTICULARLY well handled. No actual naughty bits are shown, of course, but they use silhouetting nicely to show just how naked Bo is, and there are half a dozen leering guards watching her as she showers. They're Amazons, you know ... Wonder Woman style Amazons. They love prison work! All that bondage and womanly love!

Dominatrix warden wearing black leather boustier. Check.

Dominatrix warden dominates Bo. Note thigh-high boots and fishnet stockings. That's doing it right! Image source: vidcap from Lost Girl.

This is probably the best scene in the episode. They've got Bo dressed in a very skimpy outfit, on her hands and knees, her large breasts bulging out at the floor-level camera, cleaning the floor with what appears to be a toothbrush so there is much jiggleatude. Dominatrix warden comes up from behind her and puts a boot on her skimpily clad ass, dominating her very nicely. Kinky to the max, you bet!

Later, the warden does some outright molestation of Bo while her Amazon guards look on. Also, lots of non-dominatrix lesbianism ... Bo is a bisexual succubus, after all, and she never squanders a chance for some lovin.' It's her thing! Image source: vidcap from Lost Girl.

The Amazon guards riot. Image source: vidcap from Lost Girl.

There's plenty of violence in the episode too, in addition to the guard riot, Bo dukes it out with a guard, gets beaten by the guards and gets doused with a fire hose. The other major themes of Women in Prison stories that was missing was trafficking the prisoners as prostitutes and/or strippers, but that's just a matter of where the story went more than anything else.

Where the story DID go was a surprise, and in keeping with the theme of Amazons guarding the prison. I did not see it coming. Where did it go? Well I guess you'll just have to watch the episode to find out. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Ksenia Solo as Kintze does not appear much in this episode, though she does make a few appearances, being anxious about Bo and all.


Anonymous said...

Not sure why you implied Ksenia Solo (as Kenzi -- correct spelling) didn't figure in much. She did appear as part of the women-in-prison landscape (a heavily lesbian genre) as Bo's visiting trashy lover -- or, as a guard described her, Bo's "pet human" -- and (after two years of waiting) we got to see her give Bo an unrestrained, passionate kiss. (Though of course, she had an ulterior motive.)

Pat Powers said...

Well, true, that scene does occur, and there is that kiss with ulterior motives. I have not been particularly waiting for any kisses between Bo and Kintze, so I wasn't particularly interested in it, hence missed its significance.

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