Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Clear Panel Gag: One Brilliant Invention Leads To Another?

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A dirty mind has obviously been put to good use here. This is Autumn modelling a clear panel gag for Click on the pic and look under gags and you'll find you can own this very gag. Hey, isn't Submissive's Day coming soon?

Sometimes you can just look at an image and know that someone had a lovely time thinking it up.

In the case of mainstream movies, that might be the scene where Nastassja Kinski orally gratifies a strawberry in the guise of eating it in "Barry Lyndon," a scene that was used in all the promos for that very reason.

In this case, we people who have looked at a common piece of bondage paraphernalia, one of those big leather over the mouth gags that has a built-in ball gag. Carolyn Ducey wore one in romance if you will recall.

He (or she) saw the problem from a bondage fan's point of view. Sure, the over the mouth gag is visually very dramatic, but its opacity creates a problem: how do you know that the wadding or ball or whatever is really in place? For all the viewer knows from looking at it from the outside, the gag has no ball or wadding or whatever. Most unsatisfactory.

The solution is brilliant: replace the opaque leather panel covering the lower half of the face with a transparent panel of plastic, which lets you see right through to the ball or whatever is behind it.

As you can see from the image on top of the page it works beautifully.

There's another set of images of a gag like this that I've seen that's even better, though much rarer (there are no commercially available versions I've been able to find, unlike the clear panel with ballgag).

The gag looks like a standard clear panel gag with ball but instead of a ball the wearer's lips are sealed around a pinkish circle. That pinkish circle is the back end of a dildo gag. (I've seen a series of photos of this gag in use, showing the dildo gag, though I cannot find the original photos. Water under the internet bridge, I guess).

The transparent panel means the wearer cannot hide the fact that she has the simulacrum of a cock filling her mouth. Thus it represents a permanent imposed blowjob that she can't remove or do anything much about. Her mouth has got a cock in it and she can't do anything about it so long as her hands are properly bound behind her back.

And the key thing is, everybody can see that she has a cock in her mouth. There's no element of privacy there. So long as she wears the clear panel dildo gag, she's in symbolically bound into a permanent imposed blowjob. Also, the panel lets you see her mouth, the way its shape is controlled by the penis shape inside it. Also very nice.

You have to admire the erotic inventiveness behind that gag. Somebody had a great deal of fun thinking it up.

But of course, not everyone is gonna know what that pink behind the transparent panel means. (I only know because I saw a different picture in the series with the gag out of the wearer's mouth, showing the cock head gag.)

I'm not sure there is a technical solution to that problem. My first thought was that you could make a cock gag out of transparent latex, like those transparent latex dildoes that show up in vanilla porn a lot because they show in a distorted sort of way what it is they are penetrating.

The problem there is that the shape of the gag would undoubtedly get lost among all those pink surfaces inside the mouth. It still might be quite powerful visually, but it wouldn't be evident what was holding the wearer's mouth open.

An approach that would undoubtedly work better would be to have part of the cock gag (a pink one) hanging outside her face. Say, slide a strap two or three inches behind the head of the cock gag so it can't be pushed out by the wearer (and so that it can't be pushed in, gagging her). You could even use one of those dildoes that includes dangling testicles so there's no doubt what's going on.

You could have a second set of straps made of transparent plastic that attached to the back of the dildo to help keep it from flopping about too much. (I've seen women in commercial bondage videos who've been ordered to hold a dildo in their mouths while bound, and the dildo end flopping about ruins the whole effect, in my humble opinion.) Plus, I always prefer a solution that involves bondage in any event. Call it a matter of personal preference, but if the back end of the dildo is held in place, it looks a lot more like the woman has been caught in mid-blowjob, with the gag sort of forcing her into blowjob mode for as long as it's in there. The dildo gag just looks kinda silly with its back end just waggling around there.

A woman forced to hold a dildo in her mouth while bound, naked and having a vibrator taped into her other pair of lips, from the ZFX video, "Blunt Trauma 3." It has the look of oral sex alright, but the back end of the dildo just looks kinda silly waggling around out there, in my humble opinion.

it would serve double duty, fulfilling the functions of a gag, but also putting the wearer in a state of permanent oral servitude.

In private it could be a great way to keep a sub reminded of her mouth's most important function between blowjobs, or even while another of her orifices received her master's cock. And it's be great fun at parties. If a woman ever wanted attention from guys, here's one way of getting it ... without saying a word.

I've not seen anything like that on sale at any of the bondage paraphernalia sites I visited to research this post (hellishly difficult work, I tell you, hellish!) but given that I've thought it up, I'm sure someone out there will eventually make it ... if they haven't already.


Anonymous said...

Have seen the strap-dildo gag on porntube, xtube? one of them. Never saw it with the clear panel though

Heck, the first time I've seen that clear panel

Pat Powers said...

Well, a plain old strap dildo gag has been around for a long time, but they all have the "problem" if that's the right word that only you and the sub knows what she's got in her mouth. For a public humiliation fantasy, or to amplify the symbolism of the cock gag as a blowjob, it's better I think to have the cock clearly visible, so everyone knows what's in the sub's mouth. As I stated in my post, when you've got the rear of the cock gag blocked off by an opaque panel or by an opaque strap, it's not visually a cock gag, although the sub will know it is of course. In fact, they're selling a transparent panel gag with the back end of the cock gag on the first page of the BDSM toybox's gag collection, but I don't see that there's any point to the transparency other than the ability to see the model's lips.

I think having the cock gag extend a little bit outside the mouth is the way to solve the problem visually, but it presents a safety issue in that the gag can be jammed all the way in if she falls or something. That's why I suggested two straps, one set going through the dildo and holding it in place inside her mouth (she can't spit it out) and a second set attached to the rear of the dildo, holding it in place since it looks silly waggling around out there. And having built in dangly testicles like the ones shown could also be a safety feature, preventing the dildo from going too far into the mouth as well.

I don't think a super-long dildo like the one shown in the ZFX dildo would work well for this application. All you really want outside the mouth is an inch or two of cock so it's clearly visible. And more than two or three inches of cock gag inside the mouth triggers the gag reflex really easily, so it's a bad idea. A dildo four or five inches long at most would suffice.