Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sometimes Wishes Get Rewarded

I'm not sure what it is about this photo ... maybe the casual pose and the friendly smile, and the way the 3/4 pose of her head makes her nose look even snubbier than it actually is, but ... damn!

This is Jakki Degg, who started out as a very popular page 3 girl in England and has gone on to become a general professional model, successful enough to put out her own calendar every year. I came across this photo while doing a search for someone else, and was knocked over by her facial beauty, not to mention her sleek bod.

What a face! Degg holds her mouth open exactly like this in many photos. I don't think it's a Story of O thing (In The Story of O, O is forbidden ever to close her mouth completely in the presence of men, to remind her that it is always accessible to them. Now that's good writing!) I think it's more that Degg has absolutely perfect lips and teeth.

Naturally, I did some subsequent searches for Ms. Degg, hoping I'd discover she'd done a lot of bondage modeling, or at least a couple of good photosets, but no, all the pics I found of her were of the page 3/nude model variety, all very tasteful and no bondage.

Until I found this one. I suspect it's one-off in a series of non-bondage modelling photos. But the scene itself is so great.

The bondage itself is simple, but well done -- Degg's wrists are secured behind her back by black tape. But it's the pose that really makes this pic: Degg is stark naked, kneeling, her face pressed against the floor, her butt in the air, gazing at the camera with that gorgeous face of hers bearing a hot come-hither look. Considering Degg's stunning beauty, it's one hell of a great bondage image. And the thing is, it's not at all unusual for models and/or celebrities who don't ordinarily do bondage imagery to do the occasional bondage-oriented shot. In fact, I would imagine it's fairly rare to find a top fashion model out there who HASN'T done at least one image of herself tied up, cuffed or chained.

Jeebus! Oh, to be behind her with my hands on her hips and ...

But when these models do their bondage shots, it's almost always very weak imagery. The bondage is often sloppy, verging on being loosies. But most of all, the poses are most often typical fashion model poses, with the model stretched out and looking very comfortable. They rarely look submissive, much less posed in ways that suggest they are presenting. (A term used to describe primate females who are posing in ways that invite males to have sex with them.) Even more rarely do they pose in ways that both constitute presenting and are submissive.

But sometimes, you do get lucky.


Anonymous said...

Luv the picture!

Pat Powers said...

Glad you liked it. Reading your comment I realized I had left out some key parts to the post, so I rewrote it to be more accurate about why I liked it so much.

Anonymous said...

"Glad you liked it."

Yes. Those are rare beauts. Browse Porntube and the lot for normal sex stuff like this, but it mostly the latex lesbo crowd like everywhere else

I guess not enough interest else we'd see more