Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Irony, It Burns!

One of many sexy bondage items sold on I'd link to it, but they won't let me. ... And judging by her finger, I'd say she's looking for a fast ball, high and inside.

Well, Amazon has turned my bondagerotica site down for it's associates program because I have "explicit sexual images" on my site. (I do not in fact have explicit sexual images on my site, I even put little dealies on the ads to keep them from being explicit. Jeebus.)

Now, let me make it clear what Amazon has refused to do here: Amazon won't give me a cut of any of the sales they make of THEIR products that I link to from my site. Since I write about a lot of mainstream movies and TV shows, there's frequently an appropriate link to a video or DVD sold on Amazon, something I used to do regularly on my old Jolly Roper site. But my site is so redolent with sex that they won't let me link from it at all.

And the funny thing is, Amazon sells a LOT of sexual bondage-related content. It's not like they're virgins or anything like that. Most especially, they sell the lingerie pictured above.

And I find it EXTREMELY hypocritical that they won't enter into any kind of deal with ME because of the sexual nature of my site, when their site, the products THEY sell, includes plenty of pics of practically naked women in bondage.

It would be different if I wanted to advertise my site on Amazon, but I'm not doing that. Just sending them business. Freaking hypocrites. This is the sort of shit you wind up doing when you get into censorship.

I don't see any point in bringing this up to Amazon. They'd just dump that Associate, too. They're big, they don't have to care.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like Amazon is trying to get out of sharing cash, and saving face at the same time

Pat Powers said...

Nah. I would basically be like a salesman working on commission for them, and a very low commission at that. There's nothing but advantage for them economically to the arrangement. Thing is, Amazon pays off occasionally, whereas I've never gotten a nickel out of Netflix for whatever reason.

I don't think they give a rat's ass about my opinion, hence they don't think they have any face to lose.