Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The hottest image of submission in mainstream film or TV

Anne Parillaud assumes the position in Innocent Blood.

I've not seen anything hotter in any mainstream film or TV show. The setup: Anne Parillaud is a sexy vampire helping the detective played by a Baldwin brother to battle a vampire outbreak in New York City. They hole up at a hotel and Anne's character is VERY interested in fucking the Baldwin. The Baldwin's character, however, is kinda nervous about fucking someone whom he knows could accidentally rip him in half in the throes of passion. To calm him down, Parillaud hands him a pair of cuffs, strips off her clothes, and assumes the position seen above. She's hot for it and is willing to do anything she has to in order to get some detective love. The Baldwin obligingly cuffs her and they go at it. About ten seconds into the scene, Anne casually breaks the cuffs apart so she can embrace her lover, in a loving way, not in a ripping in half way. A very nice scene, all told, and the funny thing about it is, it's not really a scene of erotic submission, because Parillaud knows all along that she can rip the Baldwin in half ... she's just trying to seduce him.

It's a brief scene, and the thing I most remember about the film, but the movie itself isn't bad ... it's a mildly funny over the top spoof of both vampire flicks and mob films, with Robert Loggia doing a nice turn as a mob boss. (We're not talking a Chupacabra Terror-type situation here.)

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