Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Gorean Villainy on the BBC edition of Robin Hood

Very authentic-looking cuffs adorn Maid Marian's wrists in the BBC version of "Robin Hood."

Just caught an episode of "Robin Hood" (aka Robin of Sherwood) on the BBC in America which had a great Gorean-type guest villain, the Sheriff of Winchester. The evil Sheriff of Winchester is key to the even more evil Sheriff of Nottingham's plan to kill Richard the Lion Hearted when he returns from the Crusades, put Prince John on the throne. But he's pissed off at the Sheriff of Nottingham because the Sheriff stole the woman he loved from him: Marian's mother.

When he sees Marian he realizes whose daughter she must be, because she looks just like her mother, the woman Winchester once loved. So he insists on getting Marian (Nottingham's daughter) as a sweetener to participate in the deal. Since he's essential to Nottingham's plan, and Nottingham is evil to da bone, Nottingham's daughter Marian become Winchester's property. Her first notice of this is when a squad of soldiers come to her room, chain her wrists (shown) put her in leg irons (not shown) and march her off to Winchester's lodging.

And here's where a bit of very tasty dialogue occurs. The door opens as Winchester primps in a mirror. He turns to see Marian being dragged into the room.

"I will not be treated like this!" Um, you ARE being treated like that, Marian. And Winchester is completely on target about those cuffs. The usual Loosie caliber manacles.

Sheriff of Winchester: Ah, the icing on my cake, daddy's little girl.

Marian: I will not be treated like this. (Holds up chained wrists.)

Winchester: You are quite right. These handcuffs and leg irons should be made a little tighter.

Marian: How dare you!

Winchester: Oh, gag her, for God's sakes, she's pretty so she talks. (Walks out.)

We never see Marian gagged, we never see her in leg irons, we just see her manacles (though there are some nice closeups of these). But that dialogue! Clearly, Winchester has taken Marian for sexual purposes, but he doesn't feign courtly love or anything of that nature. Just has her clapped in leg irons and manacles and gagged, then hauls her off to his wagon to be taken like so much sexy baggage to his castle where he'd probably install her in his bed, still manacled and ironed and gagged. It's evident from Winchester's dialogue that Marian has some sexual bondage and sex slavery in her future.

Sadly, we never see the leg irons or the gag, just the manacles. But there are some LOVING closeups of those manacles, which look very authentic, even if they are loosies. And the actress who plays Marian "acts" her cuffs very well, pulling at them and displaying them rather than trying to hide them. Her prisoner status is not in doubt. Added to that is a very nice villainous turn. This is a very promising series, not just because of the great bondage and villainy. It also has that fun feel you (well, I) got from the 90s adventure shows in the U.S.

Um, how did Napoleon Dynamite get to be on Robin Hood?

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