Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Faux DiD on A Real Reality Show

Four point suspension. Not much to see from where we are, but she's presenting like a baboon to the other contestants. Of course, we never get to see that angle.

Reality shows are generally weak on scenes with one exception, and that show was the top-rated reality show for years, "Fear Factor." Fear Factor never had a gag scene that I know of, but they had plenty of bondage scenes relative to other shows, such as this remarkable faux DiD scene involving a faux watery doom.

The contestant, or damsel as we Hollywood insiders like to call female game show contestants, starts out suspended over a huge swimming pool in a skimpy bikini, in four-point suspension as seen above.

Three-point suspension. As you may note, Fear Factor had no problem with damsels with enormous ta-tas.

In a nice twist on the standard DiD scenario, the damsel's male teammate swims around the pool, diving underwater to cut the wires that keep the damsel above the water doom pool he's swimming in. It's a timed event. Above we see three-point suspension with enormous tatas.

We said enormous ta-tas, we meant enormous ta-tas.

Eventually the evil teammate would sever the second wire, putting the damsel in the two-point suspension seen below.

Hey, that two-point suspension makes your butt look good. Sort of lifts and supports because you're upside down. By the way, it looks like she's wearing tights, but she's not, that's just the way the spotlight makes her look. All she's got on below ... no, in the instance, above ... her ribcage is the thin line of her bikini bottom.

There's not one-point suspension, the next wire that's cut releases the hook securing both her legs and she plunges to her watery doom.

Watery doom plunge with wrist and ankle cuffs. We give it a 9.2. The back is a LITTLE too bent at the waist and if she doesn't get her head down quickly, she's going to have a watery bitch slap to her face.

Having landed in the water, she must then swim to a marker at the edge of the pool and trigger it. The one who manages this most quickly wins.

So do most viewers, I believe.

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