Friday, June 13, 2008

The Bohemian Girl Gets Naked from the Waist Up

Thelma Todd is chained naked from the waist up in The Bohemian Girl. Kinda unusual for 1936. You can see the Youtube video it was taken from by clicking on the pic.

This scene is from an oldie (1936) film called "The Bohemian Girl" a very early example of the superhero flick.

Bohemia is an area of Czechoslovakia known for its production of rhapsodies, some of them apparently written by the Queen of Bohemia herself. The place was known for being artisitically and intellectually well fermented, with all the artists, musicians, intellectuals (aka "bums") and beer brewers that liked to hang out there.

It was also a relatively easy place to get laid in those days, considering that the rest of Europe was dutifully churning out cannon fodder for the next Big Mistake (or World War as they were also called) and didn't have the time or the inclination to have fun.

Into this morass of European dullness and despondency rode a new heroine: The Bohemian Girl. She rode from village to village on her dappled mare Available dispensing free beer, artworks, musical instruments (kazoos, mostly) intellectual enlightenment and sex to benighted folks throughout Europe.

This of course alarmed the civil authorities of the times, who were mostly Republicans, only more so. So they attempted to hassle her whenever they could, and in central Europe when the authorities decided to hassle you, they REALLY hassled you.

In this scene, the guardia of the village of Bad Wallechenstein have charged the Bohemian Girl's horse with jaywalking, with a penalty of ten lashes (in a total miscarriage of justice, her horse only gets five lashes).

After the sentence gets carried out, the Bohemian Girl uses her super bohemian powers to easily break the chains that bind her, demonstrating that she could have done so all along.

"OK, she say, if you're going to strip me and whip me, somebody around here better be prepared to fuck me." And with those words, she leapt on the guy who'd been whipping he, ripped off his clothes, and fucked him senseless.

Which you gotta admit is pretty wild stuff for a 1936 movie, in the darkest depths of the grim evil of the Hayes Code.

What? You say that Bohemian Girl is a Laurel and Hardy comedy? That it has nothing to do with superheroes? That the whipping doesn't ever occur, much less the subsequent stuff I describe? That its sexual content fits quite comfortably inside the incredibly narrow limits of the Hayes Code? Well, uh ... I knew that! I just like my version better.

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