Monday, June 16, 2008

2009: Year of the Women in Prison Series

Director Robert Rodriguez (Planet Terror, Sin City, Spy Kids, Once Upon A Time in Mexico) is proposing plans for a women in prison TV series that will have bondage and lesbianism as major themes, and will star his fiancee Rose McGowan. This is incredibly good news: a topnotch director is producing just the sort of stuff we like and is PROMOTING its bondage aspects.
To help Mr. Rodriguez do it right, I have published a review of Caged Heat 3000 and a description of how to produce the perfect women in prison movie. Now he will have no choice but to do a good job (in the incredibly unlikely event he visits my site).

Click here to read the review. And the essay.

In other absolutely great news, HBO is planning a Women in Prison series based on the British women in prison series "Bad Girls" (which is about the only mainstream women in prison anything to feature a bit gag) with hotshot writer/director Alan Ball at the helm (Six Feet Under, American Beauty). Great. Now I have to do something else: put every frickin' thing I've written on Women in Prison on my site. So I will. Because these people need my help, judging from what's out there in terms of mainstream women in prison films, which may well be the weakest, least well realized genre of films in existence. I mean, Caged Heat, FRICKING Caged Heat is its avatar, the film that all the others are based on. And it sucks big time!

It would be great if somebody finally got it right.

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