Sunday, June 1, 2008

Return of the Loosie Awards

Adrienne Barbeau from the film Swamp Thing. If you're wondering how she got a Loosie Award and was thus inducted into the Bad Bondage Hall of Shame, check out the size of those manacles. Then check out the size of her wrists. If Barbeau wasn't keeping her fists clenched the manacles would slip right off her wrists.

This week, a major announcement that will shake the Oscar Awards and Emmy Awards to their very foundations, and possibly beyond that to the core of the Earth itself!

I have revived the Loosie Awards!

Loosie Awards are given for extraordinarily bad bondage imagery in mainstream films and TV shows. No less than thirty scenes were inducted into the Loosie Awards before they were, um, given up on because their creator, which would be me, realized that there was more bad bondage than good bondage out there in mainstream movies and TV, and it was just TOO easy to find Loosie Award material. The ease with which Loosie Awards are given made the activity pointless.

But I forgot one thing in my original calculations, one very important thing that merits their revival: it's a hell of a lot of fun snarking on those bad bondage scenes. And fun is never pointless.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe *YOU* are snarking on Slavegirls!

Pat Powers said...

Mostly I snark on those who truly deserve it -- the people who put them in their "predicaments." I mean, you can only ask so much from an actress, when the bondage is REALLY bad, things are gonna look ridiculous, no matter what. I guess the one with Connie Selleca in Westworld would be about the most egregious example in my mind. Plus all the manacle scenes.