Sunday, March 4, 2012

American Avenger Movie Seeks Crowdsource Funding

"What the hell happened to the rest of my costume, and why am I wearing a ballgag?" Image source: sneak peek section of the League of Amazing Women site.

In recent news, the website has announced that its funding for arts projects this year will exceed that of the National Endowment for the Arts. This is not AMAZING news, Republicans have been sniping at the NEA budget for so long that it's amazing that it could fund so much as a cheap-ass Blogger blog. Hmmmm ...

So crowdsourcing (like is attracting attention from everyone who'd like to get some money to put on a play or whatever. And that's where the American Avenger Movie comes in. It appears to be a project set up by a group of sites that share a theme of superheroines in bondage and being a dominanted by supervillainesses. In short, lesbian bondage and domination, with women in the usual way-out superheroine and supervillainess costumes … until recently, not involving explicit sex. But we are promised strap-ons in the movie! Woo-hoo!

For a seven dollar contribution, you get a DVD copy of the movie when it comes out in fall of 2012. There are other premiums offered ranging all the way up to having a chance to be in the movie (or assign a spot to someone else) at the $1000 level. (My feeling is, for that kinda money, I want a cut of the profits.)

But the goal is modest, they just want to get $40,000 in funding. (The fund drive is open until May 31, and they are already at 1.04 percent! (The fund drive just opened on March 1).

They say they will make the movie even if they don't reach their $40,000 level, and also if they exceed it they will plow the money right back into the film. I feel certain they will be able to make the movie no matter what. They already have made plenty of short videos showing superheroines bound and dominated by supervillainesses available at their League of Amazing Women site, it's just there are rarely more than two actresses involved and the set for all of them appears to be somebody's suburban home. (Takes you right back to the old Arrow-Harmony days).

American Avengers apparently wants actual sets and other stuff associated with a full-blown movie. Good on 'em! Ambition is a very good thing. They got some money from me (no, I will not be in the movie).

The League of Amazing Women is a little confusing at first. Basically, there is a League of Amazing Women comic and a League of Amazing Women live action site, both using the same characters and wearing the same costumes. It's an interesting approach, and fun. Still, it's clear from the video samples at the live action site that they have the people, the skills and the ability to make a full length movie of superlesbians practicing bondage and domination, so do check it out.

"OK, I admit it, you're the most super lesbian dominatrix ever! Now, more, please!" Image source: same as the pic at the top of the post, of course.