Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Rubber Bordello: A Silent Black and White Porn Film

"Enjoy the torments of this steam-powered electro-vibratium device of sexual infernality, my dear!" Image source: Rubber Bordello promo website.

Creativity is suddenly springing out all over the place in the adult industry. The latest exception to the decades-long rush to see who can turn out the most porn with the crappiest production values is "Rubber Bordello," a black and white silent porn film set in turn of of the (20th) century New Orleans.

Wait ... what? Black and white? Silent? Porn? Pre-Civil War? YES! It's a BDSM-themed film about the proprietor of a "specialty" bordello on the outskirts of New Orleans' Storyville District which catered to BDSM fans.

Much of the film is lesbian bondage and dominance scenes, basically femdom stuff, but there is a subplot about Butch Cassidy, who gets tied up and endures forced feminization to become "Bitch Cassady," so ... be forewarned, whatever your tastes are!

The score to the film consists entirely of ragtime tunes created by a punker named Fat Mike who is married to the filmmaker.

The movie has been covered in articles in "Rolling Stone" and "Inked" magazines, so old media is actually paying attention, perhaps because it features "safe" BDSM, that is, BDSM that is not maledom/femsub.

Nice to see signs of actual creativity showing up in the adult film industry ... about damn time!

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