Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Whipped Orion Slave Girl On The Cutting Room Floor

"It's the 25th Century, and here I am, dancing pretty much naked and being whipped by some bozo. Oh, well, at least my skin is green ... that's progress, I guess." Image source: Birdofthegalaxy's flickr site.

Mainstream bondage fans have their share of bondagettes whose scenes never made it to the actual film. There's Famke Janssen, gagged and tied to a chair in "Mystery Men" according to many sources, but the scene remains unseen. And there's Jennifer Garner's never-seen ballgag scene from "Alias." And undoubtedly many others I can't recall offhand.

Now mainstream whipping scene fans have a reason to gnash their teeth in frustration, and arguably, a better reason than either of those cited above: in the pilot episode of Star Trek (the original series, called simply TOS by Trekkies) hottie Susan Oliver plays an Orion slave girl who gets whipped by a slavemaster while doing a dance. That's what the scene at the top of this post shows ... it's a copy of a 35mm slide from a deleted Star Trek scene that we only have because of the collector who put up images of some of his collection of rare Trek scenes on Flickr. (And thanks to the IO9 website for pointing this out!

Of course, you can make up any scenario you like if you have the right tools. For example, an Orion slavegirl is sold to a Gorean paga tavern and is insufficiently pleasing, and the First Girl must punish her. Image source: me.

Any scenario you like. Image source: me.

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