Monday, March 26, 2012

Zenobia, Conan's Slave Girl Chained and Censored!

Censorship rears its ugly head, I guess. Image source: Marketing photo for slavegirl Zenobia from Age of Conan.

Censorship rears its ugly head again, this time in the marketplace. The above statue is being sold in stores everywhere, well not EVERYWHERE because it's not cheap: it runs $55.00 on Amazon.

A blogger whose post I can no longer find points out that this statue is censored. If you'll take a careful look at the figure above, you'll see a painted-on bra and panties underneath the barbaric loincloth and halter-ish thingie.

Naturally, I'm appalled. If I were to buy a $55 slave girl statue, I wouldn't want painted-on underwear! Frankly, I would kind of expect sculpted nipples and at least a fold of flesh to represent the vagina, too! But since the big-money retailers presumably are afraid that kids will buy these statues who will show them to Mom, who will see them and fear the prospect of junior peeking under the skirts and getting chubbies from simulated doll parts.

And the thing is, it would probably happen somewhere. I'm not even sure how I feel about that. In Japan they have dolls that are made to be masturbated with ... not Real Dolls like we have in the states ... real dolls! They also have a significant portion of adolescent males who say that they have no interest in or even are disgusted by sex, and they have negative population growth.

Now granted, I don't know if the sex dolls are linked to the negative population growth and the negative feelings about sex (as an adolescent, I considered getting laid the Holy Grail of life, a feeling most of my male friends seemed to share). European countries have negative population growth too, and they're not nearly as freaky as Japan (who is, really?).

So, basically ... I'm confused. I hate censorship. But ... doll parts censorship? It's so hard to care! Especially since this particular form of censorship can be put an end to with a brushful of pink paint.


Anonymous said...

Not interested in sex? Sounds like bs. Their parents were probably with them when they answered the poll

Pat Powers said...

Well the negative population growth is not BS. Gotta be caused by something, and negative attitudes about sex among the young just might be either the cause or a big contributor.