Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Slave Girl Rigged For Transport

"We told her there was a pony at the end of her journey. We did not tell her she would be the pony." Image source: Artwork by Greta Heron on Deviantart.

Found another excellent artists mining the treasure trove of imagery provided by the Gor novels, and more particularly Gorean roleplay on Second Life, which is arguably the most important venue for Gorean anything nowadays, with tens of thousands of active players and God knows how many former players.

It may not sound like much compared to something like World of Warcraft, but you have to realize that the marketing budget for Second Life Gor roleplay is this: $0.00. In fact, Second Life never promotes this popular roleplay venue on their grid, because of you know, all that crazy sex slavery and maledom/femsub stuff that goes into it. (Never mind that Gor Evolved, the most popular brand of SL Gor roleplay, is mostly about the combat.)

Point is, SL Gor has more of a negative marketing budget going for it and yet continues to thrive, mainly because it's fun for grown-ups.

And Greta Heron is one of a number of artists on Deviantart who use the Gorean roleplay and stories as sources of powerful, vivid, sexy imagery. This art is very much by the book: it's mentioned that slaves were often hooded, collared and chained together when they travelled. In fact, it's not QUITE by the book as the books also claimed that the slaves were gagged as well (with gags built into the hoods). Very nice bit of imagery with the two fellows leering at the unseeing slave as she passes. She has a bit of a smile on her face, perhaps they made a few comments about her as she passed.

As you can see, this art has the Deviantart logo on it, but if you go to her gallery and buy one of her prints, etc., you can get the art without the logo. Even if you don't lots of other naked women in bondage to see in her gallery. So ... check it out!

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