Wednesday, March 14, 2012

James Deen: The Dom Heartthrob

"OMG! He's so CUTE!" Image source: Sex and Submission.

James Deen is an actor/model who plays the role of dom in a lot of Sex and videos, as well as working for other online adult filmmakers. And he's getting press as being, not just a porn star ... but a pornstar who appeals to women.

It's no secret that women are watching ... not just reading ... porn in increasing numbers. But since porn's audience has historically been male, those women who watched it generally had to pick from among the least ugly male stars who seemed to dislike women the least. Especially in mainstream porn (i.e., vanilla non BDSM porn) women tend to get slapped, spat on and generally treated like crap as part of what now passes for "normal" in porn. It's all consensual, but what the hell, it's not to my taste, consensual or not, and I can imagine a lot of women don't like it, though I'm sure some do. Point is, women who watch porn have to go through an awful lot of rubbish to find gold.

(And yes, I understand that many people would have trouble with the notion that a guy who likes women tied up during sex would cavil at the spitting and the slapping, but hey, I'm not pretending that my sexual fantasies come from a rational part of my brain ... and neither should you.)

Deen seems to be the "guy next door" heart-throb that has been missing in porn. I haven't really noticed him, as my attention when I watch porn is on the women. I'm OK with men being in porn, SOMEBODY'S gotta tie those women up and make them scream in ecstasy right through their ball gags. I'd do it myself but I have other responsibilities, like writing this blog and being married.

I think it's overall a good thing that a male heart-throb has surfaced in porn, primarily because he does BDSM stuff as a dom. As I pointed out in "Hottitude of Servitude" in the Slave Leia section, the fact that Slavegirl Leia is the template for what people imagine is a slave girl means that the template for what most people think of as a dom is Jabba the Hutt. Having handsome young James Deen as the template for a dom is a huge improvement. Hell, he's almost as handsome as me!

"What a nice guy!" Image source: Sex and Submission.

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