Tuesday, March 13, 2012

For A Twisted Time, Call an Escher Girl!

Caged and cuffed, Spiderwoman could only hope that the supervillain who had captured her did not realize that her web spinner was not located in her wrist. Image source: Marvel comics, but I found it on the Escher Girls tumblr site.

In an earlier post, I mentioned that some feminist sites that decry how awfully sexist comic book art is, can be excellent sources of sexy comic book images. The Escher Girls tumblr blog is a case in point: decrying the way in which comic book artists use and often misuse female anatomy in order to get maximum sexitude out of the images of superheroines and supervillainesses, and also full of images of said sexitudinally maximized superheroines and supervillainesses.

I'm recommending the site not just because of all the tasty imagery, however, but because Escher girls also treats its subjects with a fair amount of intelligence and good humor. They may not be at all happy with the way superheroines look, but they also think some of the things that are done to them are hilarious, and take a certain glee in deconstructing them ... which can be kinda contagious, even if you don't agree that superheroines should all look like gymnasts and dress in dowdy clothing. For example, they have posts in which they draw superheroes mimicking the sexy poses that superheroines often show up in, and they are pretty damn funny.

Fact is, they do have a point in many cases. The superheroines do tend to get stretched in some fairly strange ways. The worst of them look as if their torsos have not only been compressed and stretched, but twisted around several times, too, like they were Stretchina McArmstrong.

So check 'em out!
That said, a warning. Not a lot of bondage on the site. I had to go 15 pages deep into it to find the image at the top of this post.

OK, so her waist is way thin and her torso is a weeeeee bit stretchy. I'd hit it! Especially if I were a comic book supervillain!

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