Sunday, November 18, 2012


(Man at left): "All this is all right, I suppose, but ... sigh ... no pancakes!" (Waiter): "More coffee, miss?" (Bondage vixen): "Mmmfffh mff mff." (i.e., "No thanks, I couldn't.) Image source: Public

I found pancakes to be a theme in two surprising places on the Web this week: a article on how math can be used to solve everyday problems, and a bondage blog. Not THE bondage blog, which is where I found a link to the article, but a tumblr blog.

In the Cracked article, the very first instance cited of math helping in everyday life is that of pancakes, which mathematicians worked to improve the flipping of. You can't go wrong with these formulas!

In the tumblr, an intrepid model and some bondage wranglers took on the challenge: was it possible to do full suspension bondage, leaving the bondagee helpless to do anything EXCEPT eat pancakes? YOU be the judge!

We applaud these forays into pancake-related bondage and pancake-related mathematics, and await with bated breath pancake-related foreign policy, pancake-related gymnastics and pancake-related archaeology. It can only be a matter of time now.

(Thanks to that anonymous person for their suggestion for the caption. You know who you are!)


Anonymous said...

Better caption:
Waiter: "More coffee, Miss?"
Girl: "Oh, no, really, I couldn't." (This comes out sounding like "Mggggfff!")

Pat Powers said...

Oh, I like this. Think I'll borrow it.