Saturday, November 24, 2012

Slavegirls From Beyond Infinity On Youtube

Mega-breasts vs. chains: Who will win? Image source: Slave Girl from Beyond Infinity vidcap.

Slavegirls From Beyond Infinity is one of the films that best handles the issue of scantily claddiness of slavegirls, with a gorgeous Elizabeth Kaitan and an also very good looking Cindy Beal spending most of the movie in ragged slavegirl bikinis that expose their cleavage and butts pretty much constantly, so ... hoorah! It's one of the few B movies that have been metioned on the floor of Congress, mostly by an aged Jesse Helms who for some reason thought it was hard core porn or something. He was very old at the time.

Well I found it on Youtube, the whole freaking movie, here's the link to it. Watch and enjoy. The nude scenes have been edited out, but there really are not many of them and it should provide little or no issue with watching the film. OK, the rape scene of Brinke Stevens' character will be kinda hard to figure out, but it wasn't all that intelligible in the first place.

Basically it is a fun, cheesy B-movie to have on in the background while you do useful or fun things, or to MST3K. The scantily clad slave beauties just give you plenty of eye candy to enjoy in what is about the billionth remake of The Most Dangerous Game. The movie is thoroughly reviewed in my book, "The Hottitude of Servitude: Slavegirls in the Movies and On TV. Enjoy it before it gets taken down!

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