Wednesday, November 14, 2012

And Now For Something Completely Different

"Help! I'm being menaced by ... neoprene!" Image source: this Youtube video.

We're gonna take a break today from our scripting duties because, well, we can. And besides, we found this really funny vid on Youtube from a movie entitled Tarkan Viking Kani or something to that effect. It's uploaded in segments, this one in particular has an actress clinging to a wooden version of a set of playground rings and screaming her head off at a "giant octopus" that looks a lot like something you'd expect to find floating in the water of a kiddie pool. Sort of the damsel in distress equivalent of the poor dude in a loincloth wrestling with a rubber alligator. Enjoy!

Now isn't this a LOT more dramatic? Granted the nudity would be a no-no, as would the vibrator, but the style of bondage and the spider gag would work just fine, as would the whipping, if the woman (Christina Carter, I believe) were wearing, say, a thong bikini. Image source: Whipped

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