Monday, November 12, 2012

Time to Get Writing For's Script Contest

Everybody knows the most important part of any script is the hook!" Image source: Sex and

Who hasn't had the experience of watching a porn video and thinking, "Hell, I could do better than that! They should hire ME to do write their scripts!" Well, is giving you a chance to put your words where your mouth is: they're holding a scrpt writing contest for November, whose top prize will be $2000 and a free tour of their Armory site. There's an ad for the contest to the right of the blog, or you can just follow this link.

Other scripts may be used as well, with full credit for the writer.

I of course am thinking of writing a script or two for them, my ideas are still nebulous but I'm thinking of something along these lines:


(Opening shot: a crude iron and wood cage. A woman, Shana, is locked in it, she wears a heavy iron collar around her neck, and shackles on her wrists and ankles, and nothing else. The room around her has a primitive look to it.

SHANA: (in a rich, entitled, snobbish but slightly frightened voice): "Hello! Hello out there! I need help here, I'm locked in this cage and can't get out!"

A woman dressed in barbaric finery: brass ornaments and chains, walks up to the caged woman and kneels to peer into the cage. She wears a collar, shackles and cuffs like the woman in the cage, but her barbaric finery and the way she carries herself suggest that she is a dom. Her barbaric finery does nothing to cover her breasts, ass or vagina, it accentuates but does not in any way conceal her beauty. Her name is HONEYLIPS.

HONEYLIPS: Silence, slave!" she hissed, glaring at Shana.

SHANA: I am not a slave, I'm a graduate student!" Shana replied, "in Obscure Studies. Now let me out of this cage! (with petulant anger) "This is way past being funny."

HONEYLIPS gazes thoughtfully at SHANA, then smiles an evil smile. "Of course I will let you out. What was I thinking?" She takes out a key and opens the gate, gesturing for SHANA to exit.

SHANA: That's better!" she said. "My father is one the richest investment bankers in the world," she said as she crawled out, "he could buy six thousand women like you and ... GAAAAAH!"

HONEYLIPS leaps on SHANA and quickly ties her hands behind her back with one of the "decorative" ropes dangling from her waist chain and gags her with rope that has a mouth-sized leather "decoration" set in it, ie., it's a gag. SHANA struggles but to no avail, HONEYLIPS is much stronger, faster and more skilled at wrestling than she is. Once SHANA is gagged and tied, SHANA is shoved back into the cage by HONEYLIPS and it is relocked.

HONEYLIPS: You will taste the whip for that when the Master calls for you, slave.

SHANA: makes protesting noises through the gag, her words almost intelligible. "MMMMMMM!" she screams. "MMMMMMM!" her eyes blazing with fury, and perhaps a hint of fear.

HONEYLIPS walks off, no longer concerned with Shana, who struggles a bit and then sinks to the floor of the cage, helpless.


More to come.

Feel free to suggest improvements if you like. Or write your own script!

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