Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Guy Agog Over Lady Gaga!

Lady Gaga: If she'd stop treating her hair like it was a bad wig and take off the clown makeup, she's be a DAMN fine looking woman. Image source: Publicity photo.

Lady Gaga has announced that she enjoys submitting sexually to men, according to an article in The National, a national ledger of some country or other, possibly the USA.


And I believe her! I mean, she's done her share of photoshoots that involve actual bondage.


Now the question is: Who would want her?

I mean, she's attractive enough when she isn't slathered in makeup, I'm not going for a cheap shot here. But she's a major recording artist, she does tours, does publicity stunts, attends premieres, generally keeps pretty damn busy. I mean, being a submissive/slavegirl takes time! There's the tying up of her! And the fucking of her, and dom/sub sex is not ten minutes and out. There's foreplay. There's teasing. Spanking. Long submissive cock sucking, you want her to have a chance to really WORSHIP your cock, express her feelings of submission and desire as much as she could ever want to, and prolong your pleasure while she's at it. And of course there will be much time spent driving Lady Gaga to the point of orgasm and then making her beg to cum before you even START fucking her, and that's really time consuming because you want her kind of screaming into the gag and crying a little bit with the intensity of her need to cum.

And then after you've fucked her there's the untying of her and the cuddling with her to get her back down to earth, and the thing is, doing this sort of thing properly takes several hours. And this doesn't even include whipping, caning and flogging, which adds another whole layer of time.

And when does a celebrity like Lady Gaga have that kind of time? Who wants to battle with agents, managers, personal assistants and personal trainers for their slave's time? I suppose it might be a worthwhile use of the time for her if she made a sex tape that could then be leaked to the public with the usual faux-outrage that it happened, but who wants to have to treat a director shouting "Cut!" as a safeword?

"What does he mean, 'four hours?' I've got a shoot for Mademoiselle in 45 minutes!" Image source: Whipped

So there are logical reasons why no one would want to accept Lady Gaga's submission, but let's be real ... Lady Gaga has MILLIONS of reasons why a man WOULD be willing to accept her submission. Plus ... a great rack!