Friday, August 15, 2008


It was a town so dull that even the slave girls were bored by their punishments.

The thing that‘s really nice about "Plazabound" the artwork above, is its smooth combination of strong sexual bondage imagery with the mundane.

Of course, the first thing that catches your eye in the artwork is the hot (in every sense of the word) naked woman standing chained to a post and gagged.

A great image, but not an exceptional one in and of itself. What makes this image exceptional is the background. The woman in the image is bound in a sun-drenched public plaza, so you know she’s hot and thirsty -- but the other people in the image are either ignoring her or (most likely) mocking her.

A damsel in distress she might be, but you also suspect she might be a slave girl or a criminal (perhaps a whore receiving a deeply ironic punishment for public indecency). Whatever she is, she is she’s part of the normal institutions of this society. The nuns and the priest ignore her. The two clothed young women look on, one with her hands on her hips, her mouth open … you can almost hear the searing mockery she directs at the slave girl/criminal/whatever.

Now, that’s telling a story with an image. Would that filmmakers understood the power of such imagery to add rich layers of depth to any scene. For example, both of the Gor movies would have seemed a LOT more Gorean with just the addition of a few gagged, naked slave girls chained to posts around town. In fact, just about every sword and sandal or sword and sorcery movie made since the 1980s could use some images like this.

In the near future, a post about a real-life image very much like this one from a modern day non-bondage event held in the US every year.


Anonymous said...

The town doesn't appear very dull, to me. ;)

Pat Powers said...

C'mon, Jay without the naked gal chained to a post, it's dullsville squared.