Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Expression Of A Wish I Never Knew I Made

Now this is walkin’ it doggie style! Image from Maison Plasir, a hentai.

I find hentai to be vaguely miraculous. It‘s as if they were the expression of a wish I never knew I had made. Hentai take my favorite form of sexuality -- sexual bondage -- and creates imagery of it, not just adequately, but really, really well -- and with gusto!

Considering the timid, sloppily done, unimaginative, just plain crappy stuff that constitutes US toons, hentai are kinda miraculous. For example, the image above, a scene from .Maison Plasir,shows a couple who are into sexual bondage having some fun. He’s got her wrists tied to her ankles, and her ankles tied to a broom used as a spreader bar. The scene starts in the bedroom, with him tying her up as shown and taking her doggie style, then it proceeds through the house as he “walks” her doggie style, with Tab A inserted in Slot B the whole time, until they reach the back porch.

There she sort of collapses onto the porch while he hangs onto the doorway and fucks her brains out as they both enjoy the beautiful afternoon.

In tone, it’s very like the happy ending scene in Secretary where James Spader fucks new wife Maggie Gyllenhaal as she‘s tied to a tree in THEIR back yard.

The happy newlyweds frolic in their back yard in “Secretary” also enjoying a beautiful afternoon.

Many hentai are just brain-dead porn like their US vanilla porn counterparts (sadly, like Part 2 of Maison Plaisir), but sometimes, hentai can be interesting, fun and sexy all at the same time … which is vaguely miraculous.

The happy couple enjoy a beautiful afternoon on the back porch, bondage style. Image from Maison Plasir, a hentai.

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