Tuesday, August 12, 2008

USA Network's "In Plain Sight" Provides Mary McCormack Doing Some Chained, Sweaty Writhing

"Anybody have some deoderant?"

If you like your damsels hot, sweaty, chained and writhing, then you owe it to yourself to catch this week's episode ("Stan by Me") of the USA Network TV series, In Plain Sight.

In it, US Marshall Mary Shannon (played by Mary McCormack) is caught by the bad guys early on in the episode (chloroform scene) and chained up in their basement for most of the rest of the show. She's chained arms overhead, but sitting in a chair instead of standing. Being a modern damsel she doesn't just sit and wait for rescue: whenever the villains leave her alone in the basement, which is a lot, she's struggling to escape her chains, which involves a lot of writhing and makes her very sweaty.

The scenes are well lit, there are a lot of them, and there's also some dominance/submission elements as the bad guys come in to terrify and interrogate her.

The villains made two mistakes: they did not remove her clothing and they did not gag her. But by the standards of most network TV scenes, this is excellent. I haven't seen this much bound writhing on a mainstream TV show in a long time. We're talking "Perils of Nyoka" here!

I have to believe that this is part of a general trend by cable netowrks to use their relaxed censorship standards to outdo the broadcast networks.

You CAN catch this show on TV this week. It re-airs on the USA Network On August 13 at 1 a.m. and on August 16 at 6 p.m.

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