Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bad Girls Review - Some Say "No Soap" I Say "Soap"

A well-lit tape gag scene from "Bad Girls" -- of the ugliest gaurd in the place. Symptomatic, I'm afraid.

I started the "Women in Prison" section on my site because of the startup of the US women in prison series Bad Girls so I thought I should review the British women in prison series Bad Girlsthat it's based on. And add some thoughts on how the US version can avoid fucking up like the Brits did. Because they did. I really do think the Americans will do better than the Brits did, if only because the US Bad Girls will be shown on a premium channel and hence nudity will be almost a requirement. Probably R-rated sex, too, because the HBO series is under a lot of pressue to push the envelope. Of course, I have some suggestions for exactly how they could do so. I'm doing a public service, really.


Anonymous said...

Your Bad Girls posts are atrocious. You can't even spell the characters' names correctly. Is the English accent really so exotic to your ear?

It seems the show doesn't measure up to your standards of porn. Oh dear. Your directions for the US version are also moot because that project never got off the ground.

Pat Powers said...

Atrocious? Well, maybe so, but consistently atrocious. And no, the shows don't measure up to my standards of porn. It's my point of view, after all. And while we never got the Alan Ball women in prison series here in the US, at least we go Spartacus, which is far better than I could have hoped.