Sunday, August 3, 2008

Not Every Picture Tells A Story ...

...but this one does!

I've never been much of a fan of the usual form of fakes on the Web, i.e., the ones where they just graft a celebrity's head on the body of a pornstar doing what she does so well, or a bondage model for that matter. I think the pornstar or bondage model deserve to have their face remain on their body: they worked hard to make themselves beautiful, they had the nerve to pose nude or to pose while having sex or in nude bondage. They should get the credit for it, not some actress who pulls the sheet up over her breasts whenever she's naked in bed with her lover in a movie.

But this is not really a fake, it's a genuine artwork. The artist "SFB" (if that is in fact his or her real name) has combined disparate elements to create an image that is not TOO far from reality, but is tantalizingly close. A naked young woman is suspended arms over head in the sands of an arena, or in modern parlance, a stadium. Behind her a burly man in camos wields a large whip. Behind him a crowd of average-looking people is seated on bleachers, watching the woman get whipped just as they might watch a football game or a tractor pull.

The image is reminisent of some Asian corporal punishment that has occurred in the past -- public caning or whipping. But the audience here is clearly American, and the preponderance of cowboy hats indicates they're probably western Americans.

And total nakedness isn't part of any official corporal punishment that I know of.

Maybe it's an entertainment, like you'd have at a BDSM meet. A very BIG BDSM meet. The grin on the whippee's face supports that theory.

Then again, maybe she's a very naughty Paris Hilton type who went way far over the line and she's laughing at the silliness of someone trying to punish HER ... until that first stroke of the whip hits home.

Because the image doesn't fit readily into any preconceived scenario, it's rich fodder for the imagination. That means it's the very best kind of artwork. Some might quibble over the fact that the images used to create this artwork are copyrighted by others. I would say the artist has created something sufficiently new and interesting that he should own it. Go after the celebrity head fakers, sure. They really aren't doing anything new or worthwhile. But stuff like this ... it's the best kind of art.

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