Thursday, August 21, 2008


A scene from the movie "Indecent Behavior 2.

This is one of those pictures that looks prosaic until you know something that's not immediately apparent. In this case, it's that the woman's wrists are lashed to the headboard behind her with a leather strap.

Before, the picture just conveyed passion, as the woman's legs wrap around the man's. Now it conveys helplessness and passion. The woman might instinctively want to embrace the man with her arms as well, but she can't, because they're tied back.

In fact, the woman's legs are almost all you can see of her, except for half her face projecting above the man's shoulder. The rest is all writhing pink stuff beneath the man. The rest of her body either bound or trapped beneath the guy, she does her slavegirl best to express her passion and affection by wrapping her legs around his.

As a result, there's something both touching and raunchy about this image, and the two emotions amplify one another. If the image weren't so touching, it wouldn 't be quite so raunchy. And if it weren't so raunchy, it wouldn't be nearly as touching.

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