Friday, August 29, 2008

No Kinkier Love

"Well, first you find a woman you love very, very much and then you tell all your friends and then they give you a toaster and the baby pops out of the toaster."

There is no greater love __ and no kinkier love -- than the love of a bound and gagged lesbian submissive for her also bound lesbian submissive big sister. Also, no geekier love.


Seriously, the soulful look on the face of the smaller woman as she looks up at the larger woman she's snuggled up against just knocks me out. I don't think it's acting ... typically bondage models aren't really good actresses ... and she'd have to be a really good actress to portray longing so well. The way she's cuddled up between the other model's legs is also quite intimate, and the way the sitting model thrists her breasts out at the woman with her nead resting on her chest is also very suggestive. (Though it's obvious her breasts are outthrust because her arms are bound behind her back.)

The photo's not just raunchy, it's strangely intimate, and also strangely geeky. It has an unnaturally posed feel to it because the models are bound in ways that are unlikely to work out well in terms of giving and receiving sexual satisfaction. At the same time the downcast eyes and turned-aside head of the sitting model and the longing, upcast eyes of the kneeling model create a feeling of emotional intimacy and intensity that is strangely at odds with the fetishistic gear and posing.

"Fascinating," as Mr. Spock would say. I have no idea where this photo comes from, but whoever created it deserves a hearty "Bravo!" as do the models involved.

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