Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bedtime for Earth babe

"Ah, chained up by the wrists and molested by our space monster all day!"
"She'll sleep well tonight!"

This vidcap is from the hilariously awful film Frankenstien vs. the Space Monster. It's one of those movies that you watch with your mouth hanging slightly open, thinking, "How in seven hells did the MST3K gang miss THIS flick?" The damsel in this flick really does spend quite a while chained up by the wrists and pawed at by the space monster, to no lasting ill effect, but apparently it did make her sleepy. The spaceship's other cells are full of B-movie starlets. It's your typical alien ship come to round up some serious Earth pussy. Whatever happened to dating girls you find attractive? Heck, if Karl Rove and Dick Cheney can get wives, anyone, even a bulbous space monster, can.

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