Monday, July 7, 2008

Naked Bungee Jumper Tier-Upper

A naked bungee jumper must be securely secured from calf to ankle. No joyrope, I notice, but that WOULD be a bit much ...

When a female hottie wants to jump naked off a high tower or bridge, there's a guy who has to make sure her legs are properly tied up with bungee cord. He has to tie her up even if that means practically putting his face in her naked little lap. There's a name for a guy like that ... LUCKY!!!

This image courtesy of E! Channel's "Wildest Spring Break Moments" special, which along with the usual hotties doffing their T-shirts, tube tops and bikini tops, also carried a story about two naked hotties who wanted to bungee jump while naked. Good for them, and lucky for us.

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