Monday, July 21, 2008

We're having a heat wave!

It was a 101 degrees today when I was out and about. And speaking of hot ...

Where does this very hot bondage image come from? I'll tell you up front, it's not from a commercial bondage magazine or video. It's not from a porn publication or video of any kind.

Yet the intent of the photo is CLEARLY pornographic, in fact, I've seen many pornographic images that couldn't touch this one for hotness. The up-butt perspective of the camera, the way the butt is stuck out in a raunchy sexual presentation way, the way her hands fight the cuffs, emphasizing her bondage, the way she clutches the chain link fence, her dishevelled hair -- it's hot stuff alrighty.

If nobody figures it out, I'll post the answer in a response to this post tomorrow.


Pat Powers said...

Well, I see no one guessed it. Maybe no one came by to check it out. (Checks stats.) Well, there goes that theory.

I'm not surprised, actually. It was a stinker. The image is from a "fitness" magazine called "Musclemag." A couple of years ago the folks who publish "Musclemag" noticed that their magazines were selling a lot more copies when they had curvy female bodybuilders on the cover and long photo spreads of said curvy female bodybuilders inside as well.

They kept cranking up the number of female hotties in the mag until finally figured out they might as well have their own magazine, and they did, it's called "American Curves" and it's all about the hotties. (Waves tiny American flag: "Yay!"). "Musclemag" returned to it's old province of leering steroid abusers. So far as I know, both are still available on supermarket shelves all over this great land of ours, which is where I bought the issue that contains the image in this post. They did the occasional bondage image, but rarely enough that no one would notice. Except me. ("Yay!)

Pat Powers said...

For clarity's sake: the magazine that contained the image in this post is "Musclemag." And the model is Rissa Hall.