Thursday, July 24, 2008

Help Identify the Unknown Slavegirl Movie

Prostitution, such a bad idea. Why rent when you can buy?

All I know about the movie this vidcap comes from is ... what's in the vidcap. I'd really like some help in identifying the movie, because the vidcap itself fascinates me.

Except for the naked slavegirl in bondage, the scene looks like it comes from some idiotic late 60s/early 70s television comedy aimed at rural audiences. But of course the full frontal nudity of the slavegirl puts her right outside the realm of television of that era ... you simply never saw full frontal nudity on TV in those days. (The button over the slavegirl's crotch was photoshopped in by our staff, in a sad attempt to keep this blog R-rated, though with the gal's pubic hair there wasn't anything to see anyway.) But the full frontal nudity does fit comfortably within the range of movies of the time.

The goofy-looking guy in the suit who seems to be selling the slavegirl lookls like a travelling shoe salesman from an episode of Hee Haw. (Pat Hingle, maybe?)

The guy in the background in the disco vest and shirt looks like he just stepped off an episode of "Love American Style" where he played a swinger.

And the girl looks like she could be a supporting character on almost any comedy, drama or soap opera, once she put some clothes on.

The room looks like a real-life 70s basement rec room with its plywood walls, tiny bar and red leatherette stool. The curtains letting in soft sunlight adds a cheery note to the whole sex slavery thing.

It's a strange image, a dramatic image, an image that is fraught with something, though it's hard to say what. I'd really like to know what movie it's from.

My best guess it that it's from Prime Cut, the 1972 Lee Marvin gangster epic about a mob hit man sent to collect a debt from a Kansas City crime boss who runs a white slavery operation among other things. But it's just a guess, my only reason for it being that it seems to fit in that time frame (1972) visually and the imagery goes with the topic.

If you know what movie this is from, please let me know. I asked the solons on Brian's Page if they could identify it and got no results, and if they can't identify a movie from a vidclip, it's a real toughie. Bragging rights will be yours.


Anonymous said...

"My best guess it that it's from Prime Cut, the 1972 Lee Marvin gangster epic"

Just checked it. Not from that film

Pat Powers said...

Thank you, kdnpr. Might be from a "roughie" of the period. I'll keep looking. There's just something about the vidcap that says "mainstream" to me. ProbAbly the guy that looks like Pat Hingle.

Anonymous said...

"Below the Belt" (1971)

Can be obtained via at:

Pat Powers said...

Thanks, anonymous! You nailed it! I'll put up a new post about it so others will know it's been identified.