Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The First-Ever "Suitable for Public Wear" Head Harness Ballgag

Click on the pic to be sent to the BDSM Toybox, where you can buy gags very much like this one.

In a previous post I speculated on the erotic possibilities of gags made of transparent plastic so that whatever is inside the wearer's mouth can be seen.

But the erotic imagination of kink gear artisans knows no limit. Now they've gone the transparent panel gag one better, with the transparent head harness ballgag (aka a "trainer gag") or as I prefer to call it, "The Barely-There Head Harness Ballgag."

You can see how handy such a head harness can be. Your sub can wear it to the grocery store, the bank, the office, and practically no one will notice. If anyone does notice, she can mmph that it's just some kind of dental device. The clear plastic straps look vaguely medical, and the red back of the ball looks like it might be the back of dental appliance of some kind.

Yes, it's the first plausibly deniable head harness ballgag in existence. Well done, sirs!

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