Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Under Lock and Key Reviewed

Well, I'd say SOMEONE has the drop on SOMEONE in this women in prison flick ... but things are not what they seem ... which is unusual, in a women in prison flick.

Over on Bondagerotica I have a review of the film Under Lock and Key, a weird little women in prison flick that's half Skinamax fleshfest and half cops'n'robbers flick. What's REALLY weird about the flick is that the two halves of the film are not mixed together, there's a dividing line as obvious as a zipper between them. But the film stands high among women in prison flicks simply because it introduces an incredibly useful concept to the genre: prisoners who hang around in their open-barred, privacy-free cells naked, not because the guards won't give 'em clothes, but because they WANT to. Does this concept make any real-world sense? Of course not. Does it make dramatic sense? Oh YEAH, BABY!!!

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