Monday, July 14, 2008

A Woman of Many Parts

What a rack on that rack!

Here we see Shelley Michelle in the Only Scene That Matters in the film "Galaxy Hunter" which she wrote, produced and starred in. Michelle's big claim to fame in Hollywood prior to Galaxy Hunter was that she was a body double to the stars, standing or lying in for them during nude scenes. For example, Ms. Michelle was Julia Roberts' legs in Pretty Woman and she was Claudia Christian's breasts in Hexed.

The scene shown here was a nice, long scene with Michelle being interrogated or molested or something along those lines, if I recall correctly. A lot of the people who've reviewed Galaxy Hunter have taken the opportunity to say condescending things along the lines of, "Stick to body doubling, honey, you're no actress, writer, etc., Galaxy Hunter was the worst film ever."

Well, actually, Galaxina and Solaris were both much worse films than Galaxy Hunter. Galaxy Hunter at least entertained me with plenty of large-breasted women fighting and stripping and dancing, unlike Solaris with its endless slow takes and dragging dialogue. (I'm talking the original Solaris here not the remake.) And Galaxy Hunter never squicked me out like Galaxina did with the elderly space captain repeatedly pimping Galaxina (a female android played by Dorothy Stratton) out to the viewers with sleazy, cloying, nudging references to how hot and sexy she is. It was like listening to a father trying to pimp his daughter on a street corner, only the elderly, broken-down, oily voice and countenance of attempted comedian Avery Schrieber made it even more disgusting.

Galaxy Hunter did have a lot of technical problems and looked cheap, but hell, so does most of the stuff Roger Corman puts out and nobody's suggesting that HE stick to body doubling.

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